Grace is 3!

We celebrated Graces birthday 3 times this year which seems fitting now since it was her third birthday.

First we had our annual Grace & Brynn super special birthday date. This year we went to a princess spa. & oh my goodness was it the cutest thing EVER! I dont have alot of pictures becauce theyve already been moved to the external drive but they were all so precious. This place is all decked out in a princess dream come true kinda way. The girls got mani’s and pedi’s, had pink lemonade from champagne glasses and made bracelets. Brynn got a green mask facial, cucumbers and all and Grace got make up fone bc she was afraid of the facial. 
Then we had cupcakes and presents in the hospital just hours after Lydia was born. I have no pictures of this.

Then the next weekend we had cake with the whole family. We let her pick her own cake and of course it was a tiara cake.

Grace is 30 pounds and 37 inches. She is Timmys little shadow. Her favorite color is pink but she will accept purple too. Dresses are onlu considered dresses if the spin like tutus. She eats everything which is so refreshing bc Timmy eats nothing. She finally has a good amount of hair, its to her shoulders now. She totally thinks shes snarter than me and for now its adorable. I can’t believe shes three. 

Lydia is 7 weeks

Oh man is time getting away from me. I take so many pictures that I’ve skready had to clear my phone twice of photos since Lydia has been born.

It has been a busy 7 weeks. Lydia is by far my easiest baby. She is super snuggly and sleeps so nice at night cuddled right up to mommy. She even spends a fee hours a night either in her crib or rock & play. 

I think my biggest struggle so far is getting everyone ready for bed. Those three baths really throw me off. Especially now that Timmy and Grace take seperate baths and both of them want to stay in the water forever. I’m finally back to cooking and cleaning and we’ve started school back up.

Since her birth this house has been sick twice. Lydia actually was in the ER at 11 days old bc she had a cold but the Dr thought it might have been RSV. Was so frightening. Then we gkt the stomach flu & we got it real bad. Puking for dayss. Thank the Lord Lydia did not get it. Those were very dark days if I’m being honest. Seeing my babies so sick and really not being able to snuggle them or care for them broke my heart. Tim had to take care of them while I put Lydia on lockdown in my bedroom. I was so terrified of her getting it that me and ger were kept in my room by ourselves for almost a week. I didnt think I was gonna make it but I did. Lol Im not even kidfing tho. It was really disasterous. 

What Lydia has been up to…

Lydia smiled for the very first time onSeptember  9th. She hates her feet tickled. Loves car rides at fast speeds. Really does not like red lights or stop signs. Shes almost outgrown size 1 diapers. Shes wearing 3 month clothing but tonight i put a 6 month pajama on her and it fits nice. Shes 12 pounds! So clearly she loves her milk. Shes trying so hard to talk to us but nothing comes out. If she cant have mama she’ll take Aunt Jessica. Totally knows Timmy & Grace are her buddies. 

Here’s some of this month in pictures..

Sweet Memories

Grace is playing hide and seek with Lydia. Counting to ten and closing her eyes and then says i found you!
Everytime Lydia sneezes Timmy runs over to bless her. 

Grace is your mouth full of gummy bears!?! Yes mommy. Grace you can not just help yourself to candy. I didnt mommy I pretended that you gave them to me. 🤔 

Everytime Lydia cries timmy asks me what shes trying to say
Grace is is singing a song. “Ill be your sister foreverrrrr. I have a little sister Lydia”
Timmy comes over to me crunching dirt in his mouth all grossed out and im like what happened why do you have dirt in your mouth… Mommy i thought it was a donut sprinkle.
Gracie says my baby was just born and Timmy says let me see your crack then and he picks up her shirt looks at her belly and says it’s looking good.
Lydia hates her feet tickled
Timmy asked if he could sing “Here I am Lord” at Jolies party bc its the most beautiful song hes ever heard he just cant take it.
Timmy do you know about Mars? Yup its alll red. Do you know about Saturn. Yup its a ball with very cold rings around it. How about Pluto? Oh yea he’s big yellow dog! 😂😂

Its a Girl!

It makes me crazy that its been a week since little Lydia was born.

Lydia Elizabeth ~ born at 8:06 am ~ 9 pounds 6 ounces ~ 20 inches 

The very excited mommy & daddy!

Just starting to write this post makes me cry. Theres just nothing like it. At 8:00 we were a family of FOUR and at 8:06 we were FIVE. Its just so amazing.

Everything feels like a blur. As the doctors were getting ready to take her out they were joking that they hoped i brought toddler size clothing because she was so big. They yelled out its a girl and   instantly I started crying. 

Side story… The Sunday before the birth we met a couple at church only because they sat behind us and our kids were loud and Tim always feels the need to apologize for them. Of course they were like oh no they were great. {Sweet liars} We always go to this diner after church and there was this same couple sitting at the table next to us. So we end up talking to them a little bit about the kids and work. Turned out there were coworkers at a hospital not a couple… Well the night before the csection I have a breakdowm over how scared I am about the spinal. I was thinking up the worst situations like being paralyzed or dying. I was going nuts. The morning of the surgery in walks this guy from church and he’s like hey guys I’m your anthesiologist. The crazy things God does. I felt so much better. He talked to me the whole surgery, letting me know my vitals were all perfect whenever I got nervous. Turns out he wasnt even a member of our church, his friend was and  he just tagged along that Sunday.

In the waiting room everyone was waiting to hear boy or girl.​

The kids were a little less than thrilled, theyre not exactly morning people.

Later that day Tim brought Timmy and Grace to meet Lydia. The. Best. Ever!

I love how Timmy was so concerned about me even more than he was interested in Lydia. And when you hear Grace say hi to Lydia ugh I could just melt. Instantly these kids were brother & sisters like its always been this way.

Then they broke out in song 😍​

I could watch these videos over & over {& i do lol}

Lydia gave them a present for being her big brother & sister.​​ im trying to add the video but it says im out of space. Boo

After this the whole family came up woth cupcakes and presents for Grace. 

This hospital was a little different. There was no nursery. It was good and bad. I pretty much held Lydia the entire time. The first day they had us do skin to skin for like 12 hours. None of the nurses would help at night and Tim slept. It really was a little insane. I didnt sleep at all. The nurses were coming in every 2 hours to check Lydia’s blood sugar so that didnt help. I went home a day early bc it made more sense to have my moms help at home than the zero help in the hospital. If I ever have another baby I hate to say it but Tim is getting the boot. Obviously you want the Dad there but mmm they aren’t all that helpful. Memaw will be taking that position. You really need someone who knows what theyre doing. I need him to change Lydias diaper and he was looking at me like i asked him to solve calculus. 


39 weeks

In 8 hours or so we will be a family of FIVE! Its very exciting. Timmy & Grace can’t wait. Tim is like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Me. Scared.

I cant help but think of the terrible what ifs that leave my kids without a mom. Honestly i want to go in their room right now and wake them up and put them in my bed. 

Timmy led us in prayer tonight saying how much he loved the baby and cant wait to feed the baby and change diapers. Grace was too busy running around with Max to say more than 2 words of her prayer. She sure does love that boy.

I want this surgery to be over and be holding all my babies. 

I just finished wrapping Gracie’s birthday presents. Tomorrow is going to be an extra special day and I better attempt some sleep.

I love these kids more than all the everything of all time ❤️

38 weeks!

Well we are still pregnant. 6 more days!

Tonight I asked Tim if he was ready for how tired we are about to be ANDDD he says how can i even be more tired than i am right now. This, my friends, is NOT a good sign. Our #1 fight post baby is who is more tired. This man thinks he is already tired. 

Luckily we both already know how hard a new baby is on a marriage. After that first week of baby glow, things start to get real, real fast. Sleep deprivation is no joke. But this is our third. So i knew going in that Daddy does not do nights. I know that in the next few weeks while he snores and I rock our new baby I will have thoughts to hurt him. Jussssst kidding, not really 😬.

I am so ready though. My bag has been packed with everything down to matching bows if its a girl and matching hats if its a boy. The baby even packed a little gift for Timmy and Grace. I filled baby bottles with gummie bears and skittles. They are going to think this baby is the coolest. Having all three of my babies meet for the first time is going to be the most special moment ever.

Our final days of just us three relaxing and catching up on our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Whoa! 😂

My sweetest boy

Ugh he melts my heart everyday.

This morning he dressed himself and i said why are you getting so big.

He says so that when I’m an adult I can marry you and we can be together forever.

I always say I dont want him to grow up and he tells me its ok mom because I’m going to stay with you even when I’m big.

Sweet Memories

It was thundering so i made the kids come in. And Grace says mom i have a great idea. We can use a bear to scare away the storm, then we can go back outside.

Tim took the kids to the grocery store but first he went to the bank. Timmy asks why they have to always go to the bank so Tim explains that everything cost money. Timmy says dad youre so crazy because today mom got us cake pops and water from starbucks and she just have them a card not money.

Grace says shes gonna cut my baby out.

Grace telling the baby secrets.

Timmy’s first summer going to VBS. Hes just so precious. Everyday the teachers had a story to tell. One day he led his class in prayer. On the last day he volunteered to say the closing prayer. It was the sweetest thing ever!

Timmy’s first lizard catch!

Me and Grace were laying in my bed and she says mom the three of us are best friends because we are all girls. The baby, me and you mom. Lord help us if this baby is a boy. Lol

Still Pregnant

Tomorrow will be the longest I’ve ever been pregnant. 37 WEEKS!

Everything is going so perfectly health wise its a little shocking. With Timmy and Grace I was so sick and on bedrest. Im kinda putting myself on bedrest at this point. I cant even sit up straight, theres just no room left in my belly. I can hardly drive because I can’t lean forward to check my mirrors. 

At 36 weeks this not so little baby was 7 pounds 4 ounces! Im guessing we are looking at a 10 pound baby if we go to term. 

So far I’ve gone to the hospital twice for contractions. There are moments in the day when I feel like I want to cut this child out myself and other times where i want to freeze time. 

We did a mini improntu maternity session at Aunt Jessicas house and for $0 i think they are perfect! 

These two are so in love woth this baby. Every day Timmy asks how many days until the baby comes out. Grace kisses my belly good morning and good night before she even kisses me. I cant wait for the first time they all meet. ❤️

Look at those lips 😚